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Jim Trout

Friday, July 20th, 2007

Of all people…Mr. James Trout…Well, I’ll be.

CDT Politics Blog: A potentially monumental decision
P-D Political Fix: They’re BAACK! The Mo donation limits back in place
P-D: Mo. Supreme Court restores campaign donation limits
AP: Campaign finance limits reinstated by Supreme Court
Missourinet: State Supreme Court throws out law lifting campaign contribution limits
PubDef: Video: Trout discusses his campaign finance lawsuit

Harry Potter

Sunday, July 15th, 2007

Just posting this before the book comes out….you tell me what happens in the book you die.

I was watching MTV one day, and I thought of the the following.

I hope that the ending is Harry losing his magic. I do not want a happy ending, but him dieing almost is too predictable. I have not read a page of Harry Potter since the sixth book came out, but what made Harry special in the beginning was his magic. Before he knew he was a wizard, he was miserable/depressed. Magic is what made Harry happy and special.

If he loses his magic, it could go with of the overarching themes. For example, many in the wizarding world think Muggles are inferior. Sue mentioned that there is some category for those that lose their magic, (I don’t remember that, but I am sure it is true). Harry could value friendship/love/all that good stuff more than him being a wizard and powerful, which is the opposite of Tom Riddle.

I think it would be a nice bittersweet ending. Harry is no longer a wizard, but can still live happily ever after. Update

Sunday, July 1st, 2007

Well, every few years I do a major update to, and this weekend I did probably the biggest ever since moving to the domain in 1997.

My site used to be a bunch of linked static web pages. Pretty much if there is a new technology for web design, is always about two years behind it. This time round, I am abusing the hell out of RSS feeds to make the place to get Billikens news. I am pulling from a couple blogs, Yahoo’s News feed, SLU’s Press Releases, and more. It is a little ridiculous. I was able to accumulate over 100 SLU news stories from the month of June. Now, there is little need to go anywhere else to get Billikens news.

The design itself I am not thrilled with, but it is good to get a fresh face every once and a while. Also it forced me to start using CSS and PHP instead of using about 20 SSI includes throughout the site creating a rag tag CMS. Now I am using Drupal, one of the most powerful content management systems out there. However, the sucker is not easy. I spent 13 hours Saturday trying to figure out how Drupal messed up the cookies on my forum. I think it was a combination of a few things. But somehow a Drupal .htaccess file got above the root directory. I did not spot that sucker until Sunday morning. Boy was yesterday frustrating…but it is how it goes. The forum seems to be working now, but it will get its real test tomorrow when people try to login at work. There is also editing BillikenBlog and getting new forum software on the horizon. But the real heavy lift is done…I hope.

Tonight talking to Sue I put thoughts together nicely. Tech is my hobby. I would hate having it be my 9 – 5 full time job. However running gives me an outlet for it. I am forced to keep learning (no matter how many years behind) because to keep the baby alive, I gotta put work into it.