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Steve in DC

Wednesday, October 29th, 2008

This past weekend, I took advantage of Princeton’s fall break and went to DC.  You know it is a good trip when you stay an extra day, and then you plan to leave Monday at noon but don’t leave the district until 5 because conversations go long.  It was a good weekend full of friends, dip, and conversations (DLCCWeb, Political Science, sports, etc).

Then you know it is a great day when you post a question on The Lounge (message board I frequent) asking to find a comic strip from 8-8-1992 that I have been searching for for months, and someone finds it in 30 minutes.

You see, some find it pretentious to hang up your diplomas.  However, I have empty wall space and I find this comic amusing.  So I will hang this between my BA and MA in Political Science.

Overall, solid weekend.  So solid that I pretty much slept all of Tuesday, making the next few days a little crampt in order to get all the work I wanted to get done over fall break.

Idea out of dorm room…

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

Sometime I will write the full story of DLCCWeb…Part of my hesitancy is that I don’t know how much is appropriate to say.  However, in my procrastination of reading.  I find it quite amusing that Wired for Change (the firm the DLCC hired for DLCCWeb) now has a Product Called Web Site in a Box….Wherever did they get that name from?

Somewhat ironically, the service sold through the DLCC was named DLCCWeb by Wired for Change, and the service sold through Wired for Change was the DLCC’s (my) project name for DLCCWeb…Web Site in a Box.

As a Nick at Nite fan

Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

I appreciated this…

See more Ron Howard videos at Funny or Die

(The first web site I ever made was devoted to Nick at Nite, not the current Nick at Nite, which seems to be TBS from 3 years ago…but we are talking Get Smart, Dragnet, I Love Lucy, Green Acres, and Happy Days.)

FDRs Folly

Wednesday, October 8th, 2008

Okay.  Just a question.  If this is the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression, and there are many who argue that it was the second World War that got us out of the Great Depression…how do we fix this without the Allies v. the Axis?

Steve writing note…

Friday, October 3rd, 2008

…I have a very strong tendancy to start a sentence with subordinate clauses (at least I think that is what they are).

English major out there…Tell me what the the beginning clause is called.

As the sheep slept, Lucy had nothing to count.

This is by far my most interesting post.

Couple of Good Comics

Thursday, October 2nd, 2008

Thankfully, I applied to Grad Schools LAST year.

And thank god for Academia