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Taboo: Men Win

Sunday, November 30th, 2008

Family’s have traditions, and one of the Flowers’ (Mother’s side of my family) is to play Taboo every Thanksgiving.  I am not sure which year it started, but probably the late 1990s.  We always play the men versus the women after the Thanksgiving meal.  The tradition was whoever lost served the winners pie.  Starting in 2002, the winner received the Taboo Championship Cup.

I have told a fair number of people about this tradition, so I thought I would post some pictures.

First, the winners:

The Winners

The Losers (Ready to Serve Pie)

The Losers

The cup after a two year hiatus returns to the Men’s hands, and for 2009, Tim Flowers will be the holder of the cup.

Yep.  He’s excited.  Who wouldn’t be excited to hold the Taboo Championship Cup?

Personal Obama

Tuesday, November 18th, 2008

As I have said before, some of my favorite things about Obama are the realistic traits that come out.  Some of these come out in this video, whether it be him talking about his apartment in DC, his car when dating Michelle (I encourage my father to skip to that part at about 5:30 in the video), or him just wanting to take a walk.  If you have 15 minutes that you are seeking to use to avoid productivity, take some time to watch the Obama 60 minutes interview that focuses on the Personal Transition.

Watch CBS Videos Online

Also my favorite Obama “being a dad” video.  Skip ahead to 6:20, they talk about getting a dog.

Bored Googling…

Friday, November 14th, 2008

I finished my comparative reading earlier this afternoon, and I went on one of my bored Googling Adventures (Previous nights doing this can be found here and here).

And I discovered an Anti-Steve Blog Post

Steve from
Apr 14, 2008 04:54 PM

Is apparently going to Princeton for his PhD.

First of all, he runs the site, which I have been banned from because he thinks I single-handedly started the Fire Brad Soderberg campaign. In all actuality, that started the day he was hired by former A.D. Doug Woolard. I should be allowed back on that site, because my information was 100% accurate and Steve is a worthless human being.

Let’s be honest – Soderberg’s five years at the U took this program back twenty.

Second, Steve has never taken a credit at Saint Louis University, yet he has the audacity to run a forum on SLU Athletics?!! He attends George Washington University, one of our A-10 Conference rivals!! That’s like me working for Obama and giving all his secrets to McCain (which I would gladly do and I would accept jail time for doing…McCain baby)!

This guy is a fraud, and I hope serious followers of Saint Louis University athletics will find comfort and all relative information here on the official blog of Saint Louis athletics.

This is from (obviously) a former poster.  He also had great things to say about me at (See Comments).

So that makes the tally I think 1 negative, 1 positve.

Newsweek’s Election 2008

Saturday, November 8th, 2008

Newsweek for the past few cycles has devotes a special issue to going over the presidential campaigns of that year.  In my procrastination of taking my POL 502 midterm, I read it this afternoon while doing laundry.  While some of the more juicy or interesting items have received attention on the web.  Here are three tid bits I found a bit interesting.

Frustrated by reporters fishing for trivial “gaffes,” Obama did not like coming back to the plane to talk to the press. As he trudged back from time to time to deal with the reporters’ incessant questions, he looked like a suburban dad, slump-shouldered after a long day at the office, taking out the trash.

This is probably one of my favorite things about Obama, and my initial reaction is to consider these thoughts cliche.  However he seems quite real.  He is an extremely ambitious fellow, but he almost wants politics to be he day job and not his life.  In the last week of the campaign, there were reports that he was upset with reporters for not giving him time alone to trick or treat with his daughters, or take a solemn walk in Hawaii when visiting his grandmother.  In the Newsweek piece, it discussed how he was somewhat surprised he would not be able to go home on the weekends early on in the campaign.  On election night, he had dinner at his house with his immediate family.  Maybe it is just an image the Obama machine is cultivating, but he legitimately seems like a person who will treat the Presidency as a job and not a person who see themself as President.

For a couple of geekier excerpts

He had wanted to go back to the state of his first great triumph to give a speech unofficially kicking off the fall campaign, even though Clinton officially was still in the race. “That’s an interesting belt buckle,” he said to Michelle, mischievously. She feigned offense and said, “I am interesting, next to you. Surprise, surprise, a blue suit, a white shirt and a tie.” Obama grinned and bent down until he was almost at eye level with her waist. He jabbed a playful finger toward her belt buckle, and let loose his inner nerd. “The lithium crystals! Beam me up, Scotty!” Obama squeaked, laughing at his own lame joke as Michelle rolled her eyes.

So, Obama the treky?

And a hat tip to the Obama new media team…

At the end of August, as Hurricane Gustav threatened the coast of Texas, the Obama campaign called the Red Cross to say it would be routing donations to it via the Red Cross home page. Get your servers ready—our guys can be pretty nuts, Team Obama said. Sure, sure, whatever, the Red Cross responded. We’ve been through 9/11, Katrina, we can handle it. The surge of Obama dollars crashed the Red Cross Web site in less than 15 minutes.

You can read the 7 chapter Newsweek article here.

That other forum….

Wednesday, November 5th, 2008

One poster pointed this out… I admit I am slightly amused.