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Princeton is Nice

Friday, December 5th, 2008

I know I have not written much about Princeton yet.  Part of my hesitancy is because I know this blog imports into Facebook, so many Princeton folk will see it.  Still getting to know people, making impressions, so if of the Princeton folk are confused by  Just ignore and don’t worry.

With all of my contemplation about Princeton, a lot of anxiousness was relieved on my first day here.  Doors were open.  Just what I wanted.  And that is how it has stayed.  Every day, I walk down a hall in Robertson, and both doors to my right are open.  Multiple times I have been able to pop in on my adviser with a question.  Having that sort of department is what I wanted.

While I did not have negative expectations in anyway, but I am genuinely and pleasantly surprised by the atmosphere of the department.  Maybe it is still honeymoon time or Steve is in a bubble, but I am legitimately impressed by how nice people are.  I wasn’t expecting mean people, but people here are just nice, good, and helpful.  Whether it be hosting a random get together, taking the extra time to explain something, or following up on a situation that they knew could be bothering me, it makes for a good group of people and It is sort of a great atmosphere to have.  Now there are certain personalities I get along with more than others, but there is nothing I would really cry home about.

If I think things are so good, maybe I am just the one annoying everyone else…which would be a bad thing.  Apologies to those I annoy, but I hope this is not the case.

This not to say there are not things I would change, but there is little need (at least at this point) to blog those out to the world.  Nothing is going to be perfect, and so far with the things that have bothered me, there has generally been an ear to vent to here, and that has helped make Princeton a nice place.