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While getting tired of Michael Jackson on the radio…

Sunday, June 28th, 2009

While getting tired of all of the Michael Jackson on the radio…I found this slightly amusing

Collision of Worlds

Friday, June 26th, 2009

Well…My my….Worlds collide.

Today, the DLCC made a post about the Seventeenth Amendment, referencing this Arkansas Senate candidate who said:

“I’m not sure that the 17th amendment was a smart thing to do… We need to go back and get like the founding fathers suggested.”

Now, I am a little disappointed in my DLCC friends.  They claimed that the US Senate would have 62 Democrats without number 17.  Now, I have yet to thoroughly run the numbers (c’mon Minnesoata), but I believe Democrats would only have 55 seats in the Senate without the 17th Amendment.  The DLCC Communications team (looking at you Matthew) really should have referenced The Southern Seventeenth Amendment Swing .  If they wanted numbers, simply seek the older version posted here.

Now, I believe that the DLCC was off because they did not consider staggered terms and classes of Senators.  2008 was an interesting year.  In the indirectly elected Senate, Democrats gained seats in Iowa, Colorado, Michigan, Minnesota, and New Hampshire.  But the Republicans took Tennessee, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Kentucky.

And who said that the Seventeenth Amendment was irrelevant!