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Title Defended

Friday, November 27th, 2009

In the annual holiday tradition, the men defended their Taboo Championship. Most promising for the men’s team is the development of our farm system of Keegan, Michael, and Josh. However the women have some good up and comers in Kayla and Jenna. In respect of this, Michael is the holder of the cup.

The Winners


The Losers and Pie Servers


Protected: Quality People

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

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The Power of Google

Saturday, November 14th, 2009

Tonight before a friend and I headed to dinner, an email popped in my inbox saying someone commented on a post on  Few people comment directly on my blog, and the person who did tonight happened to be a relative I have never met.

They were Googling my uncle David and found this post from over two years ago, and I then received the following comment:

We’re related. David is my mother’s (Geraldine’s) cousin. Her mother (Josephine) was your grandfather’s sister. I saw another Rogers in the news today, and decided to Google David, and found your blog. I guess we’re something like second cousins twice removed, or something like that.

My only David story is that your grandmother gave my sister and I some Steiff puppets that belonged to David and his brothers (including your father, presumably) when we were little. One was a monkey, the other a rabbit. I still have mine. We grew up in NJ, partly in Fair Haven and Rumson, so we’d visit the cool old house in Middletown occasionally. I remember they had a huge bulldog. I also remember that your grandmother warned me that Yale was very dangerous.

Hope all is well!

– Kathy

My mother was not a fan of my grandparents’  dogs.  My dad loved ’em.  Yale is probably still dangerous though.