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The Next Season

Monday, May 31st, 2010

After successfully completing the first season of LOST in under a week, I supposed that an update was needed…

I now have a BA in Political Science, a MA in Political Science, and a MA in Politics.  Lets just say I am a ‘bit slow and need things explained two or three times before they stick.

The past two to three months were dominated by General Exams.  I overstudied despite advisers (literally) shaking their heads at me.  I am glad I did, and I am thankful to those that helped me along the way (no matter what though, I will forever hate the raft problem).   I will never be required to take a class again.  Little ‘bit of awesome in knowing that Season of life is over.

But now it is summer, and I am back in St. Louis.  Drove here with my friend AJ after a night in Pittsburgh (where they need to build a Buccos pirate ship).  Currently, I sit here on the back porch.  My cat is on the step outside; Dad is on the deck; and a family of robins sits in my sister’s tree.  Busy times at 2027 Firethorn.

People asked me when I will go back to Princeton.  I feel like a slacker with my response: “I don’t know.”  I am just taking time off…some work here and there, but ultimately recharging the batteries.

Last night, the first of the high school crew got married.  Matt wore a kilt.  Katie got clogs.  It was a nice ceremony, with a great reading of the Velveteen Rabbit.  The wedding season of life has officially begun.

The next project is figuring out what to dissertate about for the next three years. Simply looking for a motivating question that  interests others.  The decision seems somewhat binding.  I always get nervous about commitment and potential closing of doors, and I think that is playing into my thoughts too much with this decision.  But we will see.

Whether it is the end of classes, or the start of wedding season or dissertating. Time to begin Season 2.