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Tuesday, July 19th, 2011

My aunt and uncle gave me an M&M Machine that I used to play with at their house.  It is made of red metal and takes quarters.  As a kid, I made the great discovery that if you jiggled the handle, you could get M&Ms for free very slowly.

I have brought this machine out to New Jersey, and it currently sits in my new apartment.  I am highly tempted to convert it into a fish bowl, get a goldfish, and name it Skittle.  Thoughts?

Google+ Recommends a Vacation

Friday, July 8th, 2011

I got invited to Google+ today.   Google gives you suggestions of people to put in your circle.  The first suggestions (see image below on the right) either serve as a sign I should stop using my personal email for work or Google is telling me to take a vacation.

(For those not familiar, Josh was my first adviser at Princeton, and Nolan & Larry are current committee members).  Should Sarah Binder be offended she was on the second list of suggestions?

Scientists in Heaven

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

Newton, Pascal, and Einstein are playing hide-and-go-seek in heaven.

Einstein closes his eyes and starts counting.

Pascal goes and hides behind a cloud.

Newton stays where he is, and draws a 1mx1m square on the floor around him.

Einstein finishes counting and turns around.

“Ah ha, Newton! I found you!”

“No you haven’t, you’ve found one Newton over 1m2 . . . You found Pascal.”