Gift Giving

As some may know, I at times pride myself on my gift giving ability. I do not always hit home runs, but I generally put a considerable amount of thought into gifts. Given this, I must give props to my mother.

Last year, the east coast experienced “snowpocalypse.” (It was really east coasters just overcomplaining.) Anyway, the university shut down one day before a storm. I for some reason thought it would then be a good idea to drive to work. Well, snowpocalypse happened and my car got buried in snow at work. I had to dig it out only with an ice scraper. I got back to my apartment, and then had to dig my way into a spot. In a nutshell, this experience sucked.

My mother learned of this, and she got me a fantastic gift for Christmas. It is a snow shovel that disassembles into three pieces and goes into a small bag. It takes up very little trunk space and was exactly what I needed.

Well, Princeton got hit heavy by snow again last night. My friend Scott asked for help digging out his car. Since SLU v. GW is Saturday, I will need my car this weekend. So we dug out mine too. And that shovel did the trick.

So remember, it really pays off to put thought into your gifts.

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  1. Kathy says:

    Makes me happy to live in L.A.!

    I posted some pictures on my blog today that include your grandfather as a little boy, as well as our great-grandparents. See

    Either your father or one of your uncles gave them to my mom.

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