State Leg Tid Bits

Its been a while since a state leg tid bit, so here are two…

One, did you know legislators strategically use prisons in redistricting. I actually find this extraordinarily clever. See here for more.

Second, the Oregon State Legislature:

Do you think a Harry Reid-John Boehner rendition of Rebecca Black’s Friday would prevent the shutdown? It would be hard though to sneak in “gotta have my cereal” into the congressional record. The “laboratories of democracy” should get on this.

3 Responses to “State Leg Tid Bits”

  1. I shared a prisoners/redis​tricting story written by Stateline with my class the other week. One of them pointed out that it's a lot like the 3/5 compromise. A lot of these people can't vote, but that won't stop the haggling over who gets counted and where. Crazy stuff.

  2. And the video? Definitely fodder for class on Monday.

  3. Love that you liked the video of where I work everyday!

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