The Facebook of Police Departments

You may have heard, we got a little rain here in Jersey over the weekend.

Saturday night it stormed. I lost power while asleep, and by noon the next day it was almost sunny. I stayed indoors for all of it, and I woke up today. I however could not get to work. I put my Garmin GPS to the test, hitting the detour button multiple times, but it could not find a non flooded route. So I went back home to work.

Later on, I debated going in (I work better at my desk). I however was still concerned about traffic. My friend Deborah pointed me to West Windor’s Police Department Facebook page. Mickey Weinberg happened to ask if there was anyway to get into Princeton, and 8 minutes later Leslie Fox detailed how Washington Rd. was the only way in, and there were alternative ways out. Considering that when one road (Alexander Rd. into Princeton) closed caused 30 minute delays in June, I decided not to test what happened when just one road was open.

Now, I am generally skeptical of social media/Web 2.0’s usefulness. But Michael Franden says it well:

This just shows why West Windsor is doing better than East Windsor. East Windsor is the MySpace of Windsor Police Departments

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