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Sunday, October 23rd, 2005

Well, since I need to probably pick up the pace some with Journal Entries for Creative Writing I will up the pace same with writings.

The following is somewhat obvious drivel, so forgive me.

In social science, there is often the assumption of perfect information for rational actors. However, there is never perfect information in the hands of rational actors.

No one is perfectly honest. The biggest dishonestly probably goes with hedging. People hedge around things all of the time. They hint at little things all the time, and if one catches the right hints, one can pry and figure things out. I often wonder how many times my hints are actually picked up. Then I wonder how many hints I miss. Then there are those hints in which you think you notice, but they aren’t actually hints at all. They were likely you hoping that something have hinted about is being hinted back at you. So it is in fact, a false hint.

I always feel best when I am 100% honest, but I am never fully honest. Maybe because the things I am honest about are those that I am comfortable being honest about. Well, there is a no shit statement for you. Basically, my belief that honesty does make one feel the best is only based on biased examples. Therefore, I don’t necessarily know it is the best policy. I am not justifying lying. However, if one were completely truthful….They would likely have few friends.

For example….
…Do you be honest about something you know about one actor that could potentially positively affect another while hurting the first? When you as an actor have very negative gains from this honesty?

…Do you be honest about your thoughts with actors regarding things that they may not necessarily want to hear, but in your opinion it would be good for them to hear? In this case the gains for you as an actor are extremely uncertain.

These two things are basically saying the same thing…If one thinks about it, there are actually very few actors in which have long term affects on you as an actor. Therefore you could potentially help these other actors, take the negative affects from these actors hurting yourself. However, their net gain is greater in the long run. In the short run for you, it is negative but in the long run it it negible.

Well, no one has perfect information. So no one really knows… And I end my drivel.

I do admit, this was pretty much drivel.

Steven Michael Rogers

Tuesday, September 13th, 2005

I am taking creative writing this semester, and I likely have to do a lot of assignments like this one. This assignment basically is “What is in name/Your Name”. So here is what I wrote, worried it is a little too Blossom-(the TV show)-esque. Let me know what you think in one way or another.

Steven and Michael mean “crown” and “who is like a god” respectively. Rogers means “famed spear.” Therefore, I must assume that I am a celebrity javelin beyond Saint Peter’s golden gates wearing an ornamented hat. However, my head is naked, except for some glasses, and I am not a heavenly medieval weapon but instead the son of a Rogers.

My father had 4 brothers, all of which are professional, white collar men. Doctor, lawyer, professor, reporter, and scientist are the job descriptions for the five sons of the chemist. Their father emphasized education and work ethic into the sons. With these traits, the five of them achieved their success. Then, as fathers, the sons only knew how to raise their sons with the same emphasis. It wasn’t engrained into me as much as it was for some cousins, but I am clearly a Rogers.

This has its pluses and minuses. On the positive side, whenever anyone refers to me with the title of Mister, I can simply say that “I am in the neighborhood.” On the negative side, sometimes I am too much of a Rogers and am too concerned about accomplishments or success. Sometimes when standing around the five sons, one feels like they are around five Michaels, five god-like individuals. This Rogers’ neighborhood can be slightly intimidating but also rewardingly challenging.

Perhaps it is the Rogers in me, but one should strive to achieve all that they can. The difficulty for the Rogers is realizing which things in life are the greatest achievements. Sometimes the most valuable Steven, crown, is one that is not achieved through the work ethic and education of the Rogers.