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Not going two months

Tuesday, January 30th, 2007

Okay. I let December completely slip by, but I am not going to let January too. I have actually written posts for this, but I never put them online because they were a little too at the moment…typically me pissed about something but usually I did not want one person or another to read.

For a brief update, my life is pretty much continuing as it did last semester. However, now I am taking 3 graduate classes instead of one. I need to work on my scheduling a little better, but I am acclimating to the reading a pile of journal articles every week. I am back at the DLCC. I am unofficially staff. Some inside baseball needs to be batted around before it is officially announced. In my head, I am making a tally of which I like better: Graduate School or Professional Politics. Right now one is winning pretty handedly, but I won’t say which because it could be a tempormental thing (Doesn’t that make for great reading readers).

One thing that I have grown to realize more and more is that I do not enjoy doing the same thing for very long. I love starting things, but I sometimes dread tying up the loose ends. This is an extraordinarily bad trait to have. I usually start things and set high expectations, then I try to fulfill those when my desire is actually to start some other project. There have been many times when I simply have needed to tell myself: Your plate is full, finish what is on it before you take more. I get bored. It is pretty much that. Then in my rush to move onto the the next thing, I don’t necessarily finish the first thing with enough quality.
So, for now, I am going to post a short list of things that people really do not appreciate enough in their everyday lives.

Currency – Do people realize how long this took to get together in a stable fashion (well, Brett does)? I verbally expressed this notion in a very dorky way, when I was visiting my girlfriend. I was buying something in Austin, Texas, and I simply stated that it was fantastic that my dollars worked in Austin. I was simply marveled that the money I earn in Washington, DC was accepted at some restaurant in Austin, TX over 1500 miles away.

Tables – How many tables or steady flat surfaces do you interact with in a day? Right now, let’s go through mine. My desk at home, a table in the history department, another in the political science department, where I ate lunch, my desk at work, the conference room at work, the library, and my roommates desk. This is not even counting the countertops I encountered. Now, these have been around for a while…a long while. However, look at the quality of the tables. Nearly all are flat enough to write on without the grain of the wood making your pen go awry. Nowadays we simple expect our tables to be flat and level, anything less is considered garbage.

Medicine – Drugs are simply great. And I am not talking about the ones that keep rare diseases in check. I am talking about good ‘ol over the counter stuff. This weekend, I had a sling hangover. Took a couple Ibuprofen, and it was gone without me even noticing. If I get sick, I just load up on Sudafed, Tylenol, etc. I don’t feel great, but it kills the cold. I have also had some good recent interactions with Band-Aids. They have performed their function admirably and without fault.

k. Hopefully next post won’t take 2+ Months.