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Sunday, February 25th, 2007 Drama

Sunday, February 18th, 2007

I guess it is a good thing that right now there is more drama in my life on a web site about the Saint Louis University Billikens than in real life. However, I must say that it is sad how much time I have spent in the last two weeks playing referee.

Pretty much what has happened is that Billikens are not meeting expectations for this season. They are 15-10, which is not bad. However, they had an All Conference Junior come back for his senior season and two stellar guards entering their sophomore year. Everyone thought that this year was the year…Until Conference play started.

SLU won every game they needed to in non-conference, and only lost to respectable opponents. But their first two conference games, they lost to two of the worst teams in the A-10. Effectively killing their at large hopes.

There were some posters who already had questions about the coach, and boy did they come out in full force after those two losses. Some of the most optimistic posters got upset at the negative tone of the board. Throw in a couple of trolls who have been around for a year or so, and things went nuts.

During all of this, if anything went wrong in SLU basketball, it was like the sky was falling. Well, the sky fell when SIU-Carbondale got a recruit that wanted to go to SLU but SLU did not offer him a scholarship. Multiple respected posters were stunned. During discussion of this, a debate between a reporter (who posts) and billiken_roy (the most active poster in history) got into an argument. Roy eventually got fed up with the board and put himself on a self-imposed hiatus. He said he wouldn’t come back until it was assured that there was little to no anonymity on the board. Him and I exchanged some e-mails about this, but it eventually came to us disagreeing.

Also during this time, I learned that SLU tried to contact me last September, but they were using an e-mail address that I haven’t actively used since High School. I e-mailed them immediately apologizing for not replying to them, and they understood the situation. Things there seem to be smoothed over now. (Also this week, someone posted something that happened on a SLU road trip and at a team practice….I highly suspect the source somehow came from a player…which I am sure put a great big smile on SLU’s face)

With Roy’s leaving and numerous complaints about the board, I have upped moderation. I finally banned the few trolls we had (I hate banning people, but it had to be done. I am too lax about it). Both trolls are sort of realizing they are banned. One is asking me questions about it, and another is trying to be an internet bad guy and is attempting to register a bunch of accounts so he can troll again. He isn’t the brightest sort; so far his attempts have been unsuccessful. I can up security one more notch, but that would be a nuissance for me a little. So I am going to see if he can figure out a way around the current settings first.

I have lost some longtime posters it seems. The site’s traffic has not taken a significant hit though. Over 50 people logged in to check the message board this Sunday morning. During this past week, I got a couple thousand vistors a day amounting to about 25,000 daily page views, so business isn’t bad.

I will admit that I should have been stricter earlier. However, whenever I was strict before I had to justify my actions twenty times over making sure everyone was happy. It is a lot easier to identify a pest, and kill it (or IP Ban it). Since the bans and Roy’s departure, the discussion has been more civilized on, but it has only been a few days. If things keep like the way they are, I will claim success. However, until then, I got to watch this damn message board like a hawk.

I have owned and operated for almost a decade now. It is a hobby. It gives me a reason to remain technically oriented. Last year was the first time I seriously considered giving it up. I have thought about it more in the past month, but I could not really imagine not owning and operating a web site about Saint Louis University Basketball. I just wonder how long I will keep it up.

The Lounge

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007

If anyone ever wants to spoil a surprise from Steve. They simply need to check the Lounge. So don’t go to the Lounge if you want to be surprised.