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State Legislative Tid Bit

Friday, September 28th, 2007

Grad School List

Friday, September 21st, 2007

First, is now feeding into Facebook through notes. I am assuming more people are reading through Facebook but just wanted to point out that there is a blog out there….rarely updated at that.

Well…this week has been big on the Grad School front. The GRE is done, which has allowed me to better draw up a list of schools. Honestly, I really didn’t make my list. I went from professor to professor asking for their recommendations. The list grew to as large as 17, but it got narrowed to about 11. It seems odd that I didn’t really draw up my list, but I don’t know a better way to make one. I could poke around web sites and rankings, but my professors were able to say: Yes, X is a good school, but they won’t give you the time of day. Or Y is a great school, but they never tenure anyone so their faculty is becoming weaker.

I don’t really want to post the list online (I am a little paranoid ever since I got a slap on the wrist from work about posting something), but if you want to know, just ask. Probably the most interesting thing is that there is a school on the list that I would have killed to go to when I was 16. However then it was for engineering and computer science, and now I want to go there partially because of my favorite Amendment.

So far good week…

Wednesday, September 19th, 2007

First, the first Fantasy Football win of 2007. The White Russians had the Superbowl jinx on them a bit. After having bombed miserably in the championship game last year, they opened the season with the lowest number of points. Week two showed more promise with the second highest score in the League. It is doubtful the Russians will be able to keep it up this year, but only time will tell.

Monday, I took the GRE for the second time. I prepared a lot for it, but even I was surprised with the results. I got a 680 Verbal and an 800 Quantitative (at least those were the scores on the screen, they can change, but it is doubtful).

Today, the contract was officially signed for a project at work. I have actually gotten a slap on the wrist for talking about work stuff on If you have talked to me about work in the past 6 months or so…you should know what project I am talking about. It is going to be tough, but it is my “campaign” baby.

Otherwise, life is a little busy. I am still sort of recovering from the GRE goodness. Should be doing reading, but when isn’t that the case. I am taking one class this semester, Interest Groups. It is with a professor I have never had, but I like his class style. The readings for the few weeks are not my favorite, but I need a little diversity.

I am also working on my thesis. It is a counter-factual exercise regarding the Seventeenth Amendment. I am going to recreate every US Senate as if the Seventeenth Amendment did not exist. I had a thesis meeting today, and I am pretty much on track…just have to buckle down and do the work. My advisor (and her husband, also a professor) are being very helpful in school selection. If anyone out there is applying to grad schools, talk to professors…they know the inside baseball of this stuff so well…I have no idea how you would figure this stuff out otherwise other than guessing from web sites and short bios/CVs.

Well, I have procrastinated enough. I should read for a bit, but likely won’t. Sorry for the lack of updates internet world. But trust me, my world wasn’t that interesting. However, soon I may provide you with some very random, but interesting, articles from the state legislative world.