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Missing Posts

Monday, February 28th, 2011

It is February 28th. The last day of the month, and I have yet to post on So I am posting in the last hour of the month. There has only been one other month I did not post on here, March of 2007. That month encompassed my favorite weekend of college. I wrote a long description of it, but it somehow got lost.

In a nutshell, it was the 2007 A-10 Tournament. The tournament was the only way SLU was going to get into the dance, and SLU’s team arguably was the best one they had in the 2000s (okay, that is not saying a lot). I had gone up to Atlantic City with someone from my message board Wednesday. SLU won Wednesday. My best college friends came up Thursday. SLU and GW won Thursday. SLU and GW played Friday, in the only game to date I actively rooted against GW. GW won Friday. And GW went dancing with their win on Saturday. I have not missed a conference tournament since 2000, and that one remains my absolute favorite. My aunt and uncle were there; SLU crew was there; college crew was there. I still remember dancing on the boardwalk to Johnny Rockets music after GW won the championship. On Friday, Rich had to talk to my mom for me on my phone because I had lost my voice at the games. At night, we mastered the art of free drinks. Between slots and roulette winnings, the trip didn’t cost me a dime. Simply my best weekend in college.

In this month of missing posts, I never got around to writing about a few weekends ago. That weekend I received some pretty nice complements from those in my field; I had an excellent dinner and movie experience on a day where it was needed; and I had my annual Superbowl party where (other than a little overbuying of food) I think I have mastered serving 25 using three Foremans. Another solid weekend.

So I guess if in the future if I don’t make an monthly update….assume I had a very good weekend somewhere in there. At least I hope that is the case.