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Double Tid Bit

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Not one, but two state legislative tid bits today.  For the first, I quote where I found the tid bit, Seth Masket‘s blog:

An amazing story out of the Colorado statehouse illustrating the dangers of narrow majorities: State Rep. Larry Liston, a Republican from Colorado Springs, just had surgery for a detached retina. His ophthalmologist told him he’s not allowed to go above 7,000 feet for the next two weeks while it heals. This means he can’t drive up to the Capitol in Denver, as I-25 exceeds that altitude at one point.

With Liston, the Republicans have a 33-32 majority. Now, the chamber has no majority party for the next two weeks, with just 2 1/2 weeks left in the legislative session. And there’s a lot of legislative business still to finish. Add to that the fact that Democrats control the state senate and the governor’s office, and there’s a lot of pressure on Liston’s retina.

Second, some of you may be aware of my love of PTI.  This man is a national treasure

Well, he gave me state legislative news today.  Carl Lewis cannot run for the New Jersey state senate.  Go to ESPN, your source for state legislative news, to read more.

Flight today…

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Flew back to Princeton today….three things.

  1. I think the TSA thought a 12-pack of beer in a white garbage bag in my luggage was a bomb.
  2. Southwest pilots reuse the same jokes upon landing: “Now I am going to say what my parents told me when I was 18…..get your bags and get out” – heard on 3 of 4 flights in last week.
  3. I ended up waiting out my delayed flight at my destination airport (I was bumped up to an earlier flight to Newark, but my bag wasn’t.  So I waited for my original (delayed) flight to land at Newark).

State Leg Tid Bits

Friday, April 8th, 2011

Its been a while since a state leg tid bit, so here are two…

One, did you know legislators strategically use prisons in redistricting. I actually find this extraordinarily clever. See here for more.

Second, the Oregon State Legislature:

Do you think a Harry Reid-John Boehner rendition of Rebecca Black’s Friday would prevent the shutdown? It would be hard though to sneak in “gotta have my cereal” into the congressional record. The “laboratories of democracy” should get on this.