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Wednesday, December 9th, 2015

Yesterday, I received the following email in my inbox.


You see until a year ago, I had been driving the car that I learned on: my mother’s 1997 Honda Accord.


The car’s original license plate was 743 EWA, and my family affectionately referred to it as EWA.


I drove EWA to high school, prom, and even back for my 10 year High School Reunion.  EWA took many notable journeys, and on each of these, a Billiken proudly bobbled in the back watching where I have been…


and saw many parts of the country…


EWA was a great car.  Being born in 1997, she theoretically was old enough to drive herself and just old enough to vote, but she was tired.  Most recent riders in EWA may recall her failed air conditioner – a problem compounded by a failing passenger side window – and fading paint.  In my last month in Nashville, someone actually tried to steal EWA and when hearing this story, multiple friends responded “Why would they try to steal your car?”

While tired, EWA had enough in her to get me back to Missouri (with a nail in the tire at that), but when EWA and I returned to our home state, Missouri’s automobile inspection said EWA’s time was up, as there was a sizable (and quite audible) hole in EWA’s exhaust.  With this I needed to find a replacement for EWA.  I fortunately found a worthy successor to EWA, a 2013 Honda Civic.


and with a 2013 Civic replacing a 1997 Accord, I named her….


As can be seen above, EWA Jr. also proudly displays a Billiken.   She has, already, driven me to see Billikens play and will have many new experiences, such as chauffeuring my nephew to the zoo.  Before we said good-bye to EWA, we were sure that the two cars had an opportunity to meet in the driveway where EWA spent most of her life.


Ultimately it was sad to see EWA go…..


… but she was a great car that I will reminisce proudly about when talking about your “first car.”