Another amusing professor GChat

After I finished my comp in May, I had this conversation with a professor.  Last night, I realized I forgot my Anthony Downs An Economic Theory of Democracy at home, so my away message was: “Doh, forgot downs at home” which prompted this conversation, which amused me.

Eric: Don’t leave home without Fortunately another desk had a copy.Eric: lucky you. my wife and I had a fight about downs in grad That must of been a fun dateEric: she was using him to block the sound on our dial up modem by standing him on end, and I had to tell here not to do that.I mean, any other book would be fine.But Downs?me: She should have definitely used The American Voter RevisitedEric: or the new american What book did you end up using?Eric: Maybe Stuck in a compromise.But I don’t compromise is good

Okay.  It was amusing to me who is the middle of finals.  The bar may be a little low.

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