When you never delete anything…

So I just watched Mad Men and about to go to bed, and instead of surfing the internet.  I surfed my hard drive rediscovering things from high school..Old essays, personal statements, and lab reports.

For example, what did I discover in the AP Chem folder….A file called: R data (for those that don’t know, I use a software program called R)  So I had to see what was in the R lab report.  It’s title:

RRRrrrrrrrrr you ready for some calculations me matey?

Yup.  Steve had the wit back in 2001.  I forgot Mr. Becker gave bonus points for titles.  Other gems:

Crucible – The Pottery on the Hot Seat

C u later Oxygenator

Watch those Calorimeters during the Holiday Season!

No wonder all the Ferros dropped off the face of the earth, Egypt is HOT

Also in this folder, campaign materials from my bid for Student Council President….

Mr. Rogers lost.  Hard to win a presidential election when you have close ties to a monarch like King Friday.

And who could forget about Senior Pictures…

There is another senior picture that was quite popular…but to prevent fantasy football rivals from having fodder, thats not going online.

If you are like me and never delete things from your hard drive, I highly recommend digging around.  It is a trip.

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