Tom Daschle

I am a frequent message board reader, and someone posed the question of who Obama’s VP would be. I believe it would be Tom Daschle. I got the following responses.

Failure. Weakling. No.

Was defeated for reelection in 2004, from a small state in the Northwest, carries the odor of failure. Don’t see it happening.

So I responded with the following, which some people may find interesting.

Why was he defeated in 2004? Because South Dakota thought he went Washington. What does Obama need? Someone with Washingtonian experience. Reagan had Bush. Clinton had Gore. Bush had Cheney. Obama needs a Cheney.

Who is Obama’s Senate Chief of Staff? Pete Rouse . Daschle’s former (critical) aide.

Daschle also made a few trips to Iowa in ’05 and ’06, but likely had no intention of running. Could he have been just scoping things for Obama while Edwards and Hillary were clearly running presidential campaigns? Perhaps.

When did Tom Daschle endorse Obama? Almost immediately. Can anyone name a bigger endorsement earlier?

Who happened to make some of the tag line quotes against Clinton from the Obama camp this week. Daschle once more.

There has been a long time anti-Clinton sentiment amongst many Democrats in Washington. Bill always looked out for number one, and with that, there were a number of groups that coalesced opposed the DLC/Clinton ways. Mr. Daschle was one of them, and he definitely has his finger in the presidential race pot.

He gives Obama the “insider” Washington experience that a McCain could criticize him on. And honestly, people don’t care if Change and Hope meet the VP spot. Would anyone ever call Cheney a compassionate conservative?

Also, I would like to toot my own horn a little bit and bring this back up.
From my January 8th post.

I do not think Obama is JFK. However the point I want to make is that I think Bill’s greatest political battle will be taking down his hero to an extent. In 1960, Nixon was more experienced to become president, but JFK riled up a new generation of politicos, including Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is the best tactician in politics, but will his abilities be enough to take down the inspiring candidate? I just found the JFK – Clinton – Obama connection interesting.

NY Times: A President Like My Father

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