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The Facebook of Police Departments

Monday, August 29th, 2011

You may have heard, we got a little rain here in Jersey over the weekend.

Saturday night it stormed. I lost power while asleep, and by noon the next day it was almost sunny. I stayed indoors for all of it, and I woke up today. I however could not get to work. I put my Garmin GPS to the test, hitting the detour button multiple times, but it could not find a non flooded route. So I went back home to work.

Later on, I debated going in (I work better at my desk). I however was still concerned about traffic. My friend Deborah pointed me to West Windor’s Police Department Facebook page. Mickey Weinberg happened to ask if there was anyway to get into Princeton, and 8 minutes later Leslie Fox detailed how Washington Rd. was the only way in, and there were alternative ways out. Considering that when one road (Alexander Rd. into Princeton) closed caused 30 minute delays in June, I decided not to test what happened when just one road was open.

Now, I am generally skeptical of social media/Web 2.0’s usefulness. But Michael Franden says it well:

This just shows why West Windsor is doing better than East Windsor. East Windsor is the MySpace of Windsor Police Departments

Poppycock, Funny Little People, and America’s Got Talent

Friday, August 19th, 2011

Not being productive at work apparently makes you productive. So this post will help you with that!

We all have those shows where it takes a little guts to bring up in conversation that you like it. But once it is brought up, you sometimes just love talking about it. The past two summers, I have become a fan of America’s Got Talent.  I really have no idea how I started watching. People from across the country come and audition for for semi-washed up celebrities. You get strange, great, and sometimes awful acts. However things are more in good fun it seems than trying to rip someone’s heart out. It is the near definition of mindless television, but my DVR has room for both NBC’s Meet the Press and America’s Got Talent.

The Wild Card show was this week where eliminated acts get another opportunity to make the semi-finals.  It was probably one of the best episodes of the season (especially the first half).  A nerd redeemed himself, a stand-up comic roasted a judge, and a minature Sharon Osborne came out of a Delorian.

Now obviously America’s Got Talent is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me. I am not much for the talented singers or dance groups, but stupid acts are great.  This year’s stupid act that gets me are some dancing elves: Those Funny Little People (Start Video at 1:40).

Last season, Prince Poppycock, an operatic singer was a favorite. This Patriotic singer made it to the finals (where he got eliminated for becoming a little too serious) (Start Video at 1:30).  

This year’s patriotic performance is from less flamboyent dancers (their first performance was actually better) (Start Video at 1:28).

There is a lot of talent on this show, but before I let you return to your work week. I have to share one juggler who sadly got voted off (Start Video at 1:48).

Now back to your work week.