Worst Year Ever

November 20th, 2014

In putting together lectures for my Congress class next semester, I try to incorporate political cartoons. Right now, I am working on everyone’s favorite Amendment. Good ‘ol Seventeen. For example there are classic cartoons, such as:

In my perusal of Google Image Searches, I discovered there is a little subculture regarding hatred of the year 1913.

You can read more about about hatred of the federal reserve, income tax, and Woodrow Wilson here. They even have buttons!

Do you know who your state legislator is?

November 3rd, 2014

Last night, John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” did a piece on state legislatures. If I could embed YouTube clips into my research papers, I would, but for now I will use SteveRogers.info.

Last Week Tonight actually emailed me asking for some statistics. None were directly used in the piece, however the facts that no one runs against incumbent legislators; no one knows who their legislator is; and legislatures pass considerably more bills than Congress make appearances in Chapters 2, 3, and 4 of the dissertation. Unfortunately, my email exchanges with Last week Tonight trailed off. If they would have continued, I would have suggested this clip

On a short note, I will try to update SteveRogers.info more frequently now that life has settled. As many readers likely know, it has been an interesting two years for Steve – who is finally a Billiken.

Taboo Championship 2013: 61*

November 30th, 2013

In the annual Men versus Women Taboo Championship – The women have now Three-Peated.


As can be seen above, I think it safe to say that Jenna is the Tim of the Women’s team in terms of excitement (or at least takes after her father).

This year’s match was much closer than last’s.  By tradition, scorekeeping was done by Pius – a nun.  Going into the final turn, this lady of the cloth reported that the men were down 61 – 54 and needed 7 to tie or 8 to win.  I was up for the final turn and got the needed 7, making the game 61-61.  We had the first tie in Taboo Championship cup history and were befuddled of what to do (and more importantly questioning Who would serve pie?)

A midst the confusion, the sister scorekeeper spoke up and said that she had made an error, and the men only had 60.  This caused a minor uproar among the men’s team – but Jeff calmed us down (and wanted to eat) – so for the third year in a row Jeff cut, Jim plopped on the whip cream, and the rest of the men served with dignity (as we always do).

As the unofficial captain of the Men’s team, I am still taking this loss somewhat hard.  However, I am encouraged by the prospects we have in our farm system.


I mean, look at all those cards on the ground.


School: Done

August 7th, 2013


…Steven Rogers PhD

10th Year of the Taboo Championship Cup

November 23rd, 2012

The Flowers, Rogers, Hemans, Morices, and Browns convened yesterday to battle for the Taboo Championship Cup (oh…and I suppose to be thankful and eat turkey). It was the 10th year of the cup (but as Emily points out, the battle has been going on for much longer).

It was women versus men, and the women defended their title. I can’t even deny it. The men got clobbered, so they served cobbler. And in honor of the competition, there is now a “prize” for the losers.

A Taboo Pie Server.

And the women took home the cup for the second year in a row…

…and the men served pie.

Rogers’ Research Statement by Stephen Colbert

August 21st, 2012

Can I use this as a research statement? (If you have Ad Block, click here and go 6 minutes in)

State Leg Tid Bit: Campaigns Matter

August 17th, 2012

Among political scientists there is a debate regarding whether campaigns matter…

Rod Hoffman, Missouri Legislative Candidate, Saves Child’s Life While Campaigning